25 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

3 Tips For Finding A Trustworthy Mechanic

Unless you live in a city with superb transportation, you probably rely on your car for a great deal of activities in your daily life. When something goes wrong, and you have to take your car to the shop, the many inconveniences of a no-vehicle life become apparent. This is why it is so important to find a trustworthy person or business to repair your car. Here are some tips for finding a mechanic you can count on: Ask your friends and followers on social media for suggestions! Any information, […]

21 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

5 Simple BBQ Safety Tips For The Summer

It is finally Friday, and you can’t wait to head home after work where you are expecting your closest friends for a fun, summer BBQ! In all the hustle and bustle of summer parties, it can be easy to let BBQ safety guidelines slip from our minds. Here is a little refresher to ensure you and your friends have a safe, and happy summer: Never wear loose-fitting clothing around the grill. Keep a small spray bottle of water or a fire extinguisher near in the case of small flare-ups. Never […]

16 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

Boats, Motorcycles, ATVs, Oh My! Make Sure You’re Insured!

Whether you enjoy spending your summer days on the back of a motorcycle, or behind the steering wheel of a boat, you need insurance! These summer toys are your babies, and you worked hard to earn them! Make sure you are protected against the financial loss that comes with an accident. Here is some information regarding different forms of insurance you can purchase to protect your toys: Motorcycle insurance policies are necessary for riders because they will not be covered on your homeowners policy. ATV insurance policies are important for […]

11 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

Don’t Hit The Highway Without RV Insurance

Summer is here, and you finally have time to pack up the RV, and hit the road with your children. Driving an RV can be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than driving a car. You face the same risks, but are driving a much bigger, and much more expensive vehicle. Make sure you don’t forget to purchase an RV insurance policy before taking your summer road trips. Here are some tips for making sure you have smooth ride: Inspect the area under the hood. If your RV hasn’t […]

7 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

Business Insurance 101

Before you set out on your venture to achieve the American dream, you need to purchase an insurance policy for your small business. You are required by law to purchase business insurance and workers compensation. However there a few other policies that may be of interest to you that you are not familiar with: Business Auto Coverage- If your business utilizes vehicles, those vehicles won’t be covered under your personal policy. Cyber liability insurance- Your business’ data can easily be destroyed or compromised by hackers. By purchasing a cyber liability […]

2 July 2014 Category: Article Archives

All About Homeowners Insurance

As a homeowner, your home is most likely your biggest asset. Why not do all you can to ensure it is properly protected against the risks it faces on a daily basis? If you are unfamiliar with a homeowners insurance policy, here is some basic information to keep in mind when you talk to your agent about purchasing a policy: Homeowners insurance covers damage to your property and belongings in the case of a disaster such as a fire, or theft. Additionally, it will cover you from being liable if […]