Insurance Solutions Designed to Match Your Needs


We are a company that strives to deliver personal service to our clients and their particular needs in relation to all types of Insurance. We specialize in maximizing value for investment on insurance products while also finding the best solutions to each company and or individual’s unique needs. Insurance can be a complicated and even a frustrating matter, but all too often people chose companies that promise a personal attention but under deliver. We want to utilize our years of experience as we help you understand the ins and outs of insurance.


  • I was happy to feel like my Tax business was not too small to get top notch costumer service from Massive Insurance.

  • I’m just a college student who needed some car insurance and from experience I didn’t expect any special treatment. When I called Massive Insurance I was blown away with the attention and the deal I got.

  • Massive Insurance has consistently proven to be an invaluable asset to our company.

  • No matter what the needs, the constraints and circumstance. Massive Insurance was there for us, in a fast, professional and effective way.

  • …Little did we know that our previous agents placed us with a carrier that didn’t target non-profits. Massive insurance was able to place us with a carrier that caters to our industry and today we pay half what we used to for nearly double to coverage.

  • Massive Insurance takes care of all my insurance needs, my life, health policies AND my business insurance.

  • When I called Massive insurance and their agent found me a better insurance company, I ended up saving around $600 a year!

    Jean - Santa Ana, CA

  • Not only was my agent at Massive Insurance able to put together an awesome homeowners insurance, they also got me a great deal on life Insurance.

    James - Los Angeles, CA