Top Tips for Shopping Online Safety This Season

11 December 2018 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Home Insurance

Top Tips for Shopping Online Safety This Season

Online Shopping Safety Tips

There’s nothing quite like getting all of your holiday shopping done from the comfort of your sofa. These days, retailers offer online exclusive products and discounts that are often too good to miss. However, if you’re going to be getting your holiday gifts online, it’s a good idea to keep safety in mind. To prevent getting scammed this season, make sure you check out online shopping tips before you checkout.

Shop from secure websites online

Make sure you only shop from websites with URLs that begin with HTTPS://. You can also check for the green padlock icon on the left of the address bar in your browser. These are two clear signs that the website is secure and that your information will be kept safe.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi

Buying things over public Wi-Fi is a risky way to make a purchase. Hackers can easily access these networks, meaning that anything you do online can be watched and even controlled. By intercepting the messages sent between your device and the Wi-Fi network, criminals can see everything you’re sending to a website, including your credit card details.

Buy from trusted brands

Now is not the time to try out different retailers online. Make sure that you buy from websites that you trust. Remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We hope that these tips help you to stay safe while holiday shopping online. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact the team at Massive Insurance.

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