Tips to Prevent a Business Data Breach

21 June 2018 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Business Insurance

Tips to Prevent a Business Data Breach

Data Breach Prevention Techniques

Virtually all businesses collect personal information about customers, employees, and others. This information is valuable to hackers, evidenced by the increasing frequency and severity of data breaches across the globe. If you’re a small or mid-sized business, don’t think that you’re not at risk. Today, data breaches can happen to any size business. Along with the right cyber liability insurance, these tips can help prevent data breaches. 

Educate employees to handle data safely. Surprisingly, almost a quarter of all breaches are caused by employee error. To take action against this, create some internal resources to raise employee awareness of how to safely handle data. Train your team about how to transmit data safely and ensure to provide regular, updated training, if necessary.

Revoke employee data access upon termination. Disgruntled ex-employees can pose a data breach nightmare. Even when the business relationship ends on good terms, the company should immediately revoke the employee’s access to sensitive business systems and databases.

Never transmit data that isn’t encrypted. Encryption tools are useful in keeping valuable information hidden from cybercriminals because it renders the data inaccessible to prying eyes. If you do ever need to transmit data, such as through an email, make sure it’s encrypted.

Safeguard and back up your data. Lock physical record containing private information in a secure location and create backups. These should be encrypted and off-site in case there’s a burglary or fire.

Keep systems up to date. Ensure that your software, applications, hardware, and operating systems are all kept up to date with the latest security defenses. 

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