Tips For Avoiding Traffic Tickets

2 September 2015 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Tips For Avoiding Traffic Tickets

Skip The Traffic Ticket With These Tips

There is nothing quite like the feeling of noticing a cop tucked on the side of the road at the last minute. Even if you are traveling the speed limit, your heart rate picks up a little and you might notice your hands start to sweat. Those feelings only amplify if you see the officer pull out on the road behind you.

So you can avoid getting pulled over, use these tips for avoiding traffic tickets to help you fly under the policy officer’s radar – both literally and figuratively.  

  • Obey The Law: This is obviously a no-brainer, but we have all be in the situation where we are late for one thing or another and think driving just a little fast will not be a big deal. It always is. Stick to traffic laws and you can avoid getting pinpointed by a cop.
  • Take A Breath: That being said, sometimes you will get pulled over. Maybe your car matches the description of one for which the police is looking or you look just a little too nervous behind the wheel. When you see an officer, take a deep breath, keep your hands on the wheel, look ahead, and just drive.
  • Buckle Up: Always wear your seatbelt. It is just that simple. Some police departments even designate days to specifically enforce seat belt laws! As they say, click it or ticket.
  • Care For Your Car: Keep all of your vehicle’s lights in good working order and keep your car clean and you avoid drawing the attention of officers on the side of the road.

Another great benefit of avoiding tickets is lower auto insurance premiums. To learn more about how you can save on your California coverage for your car, contact Massive Insurance in Pasadena today!