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5 December 2016 Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

Things to Know About Potholes

Potholes are everywhere and can do some serious damage to your vehicle, but a bit of knowledge and auto insurance in Pasadena, CA could potentially save you your car and money.

Every year as the season gets colder, it seems like those annoying potholes spring out of nowhere to wreak havoc on our cars. If you are lucky, you may be able to avoid one, or two, perhaps three at the most, but you can bet there’s another one waiting just little farther down the road to give your vehicle’s suspension a run for its money. But what are potholes and how can we best avoid them? Along with auto insurance in Pasadena, CA, here are a few things you need to know about potholes.

How Potholes Are Formed

Potholes are created when water seeps into the roads. Once there, the cold temperatures influence the water and, by extension, the road as well. As water freezes, it expands and shifts the pavement surrounding it. As the ice melts and thawing begins, along with the weight of thousands of cars pushing down on that spot, a pothole is formed.

Avoiding Potholes

While there are some potholes you can easily see and avoid, there may be many others that are lurking in the areas you can’t see. When spring arrives, beware of puddles. It may look only an inch or two deep, but it could be hiding a devastatingly deep pothole. The best way to avoid a pothole is to drive more cautiously and pay attention.

Speeding Is Just a Myth

You may have heard the myth that if you drive faster over a pothole, you will clear it with no damage to your car. Unfortunately, gravity does not agree. Considering the average weight of a car, the speed required to clear a pothole surpasses even NASCAR speeds. 60-80 mph simply won’t cut it, and speeding may damage your vehicle more if you accelerate.

Brake (but Not Too Much)

Braking right before you hit one is not good either. When you break, weight is transferred to the front of the car, which will only put more stress on the front wheel as it dips into the pothole. Braking slightly will hopefully disperse the energy throughout your whole car, instead of just the tire and brakes taking the brunt of the force.

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