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5 June 2015 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Teaching Your Teens To Be The Best Passenger

Minimizing Distracted Driving Among Teens

A number of states have placed restrictions on how many passengers a teen can carry when he or she first becomes a licensed driver, and the age those passengers need to be. For good reason, too. For every passenger that is added to the car, a distraction is also added. While you know that your teen is able to focus on the road, you may worry when he or she is catching a ride with friends.

To help your teen be the best, least distracting passenger possible, teach these tips and educate him or her about an accident’s impact on teens’ Pasadena, CA car insurance.

  • Be An Extra Set Of Eyes: While responsibility to pay attention to the road ultimately falls to the driver, your teen can help by keeping an eye on his or her surroundings and alerting the driver of potential issues.
  • Be Supportive: That being said, teach your teen not to be a backseat driver. Remind him or her how stressful it can be to have someone telling you what to do while driving, and encourage calmness in the passenger seat.
  • Be Focused: Your teen getting distracted could lead him or her to distract the driver (e.g. turning up the music to sing to a song, showing everyone in the car a picture or text). Teach focus on the road even when your teen is not the one driving.

To motivate your teen to be the best passenger, make sure he or she knows what an accident could do to a friend’s car insurance costs.

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