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14 October 2015 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized

Parents, Are You About To Insure Your Teen Driver?

Adding your teen to your auto insurance policy is a necessary step.

Passing the wheel to your teenage driver is a monumental moment for yourself and your child. Doing this stimulates the addition of your child to the family car, or their own car’s, auto insurance policy.

Here’s what you need to know about the process:

When: Most insurance companies must be informed when your teen is driving your car with a permit. Once they pass their test and have a license in hand, then you must add them to the policy.

What: Note that a car of less value, or one with numerous safety features will be cheaper to insure than a flashy, expensive car. A teen’s first car is going to get dinged and dented quickly, more often than not, so start them out on a safe second-hand car.

Behaviors: Encourage your child to remember the rules of the road and safe driving even after they have passed their test. A successful way to do this is to set a passenger limit, never let them use a phone whilst driving, and regularly drive with them to watch for bad habits.

Feedback: To keep an eye on your teen’s driving behavior, you can add a monitoring system to your teen’s car. This tracks certain aspects of driving such as speeding, seat belt usage, hard breaking, and arrival and departure time. This feature could reduce your auto insurance premium.

Savings: While your auto insurance rate will increase when adding your teen, you can control how much it goes up. Look for savings with Good Driver Discounts and Good Student Discounts.

Find out how much you can save when adding your teen to your auto insurance policy with Massive Insurance. Contact us for all of your insurance needs in Pasadena and the surrounding areas in California, so that you, as a parent, can feel rest assured that protection is in place.

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