Car Insurance Pasadena CA & Buying a Car as a Gift

14 December 2015 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized

Buying a Car as a Gift? You Need To Think About Things Like Pasadena, CA Car Insurance

Get car insurance in Pasadena, CA, paperwork, and other things in order before buying a car as a gift. Are you wanting to give a gift that will really wow your loved one this holiday season? If so, you might be feeling inspired by the countless car commercials with the big bow on top of a beautiful new vehicle. Now that’s a gift, and you might be just the person to give it. If you’re seriously considering buying a car as a gift, though, you need to think about things […]
Inventory Checklist & Homeowners Insurance Pasadena CA

17 August 2015 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Your Easy Homeowners Insurance Inventory Checklist

Get More From Your Pasadena, CA Homeowners Insurance With This Inventory Checklist You have homeowners insurance to ensure that if a fire levels your home, you cannot only rebuild but also replace all of the personal property that you had stored in your home. Suppose you have to call on your coverage and sit down to fill out the paperwork. Would you be able to list every single item you had in your home, let alone its value? Fortunately, by creating a home inventory in advance remembering every item you need replaced […]