Preparing for Natural Disasters

13 November 2015 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized

Preparing Your Finances for an Unexpected Natural Disaster

Your financial future can be protected with reliable Pasadena, CA insurance. While a natural disaster may not be at the top of your list of concerns, it’s known that the U.S. experienced a record-breaking number of natural disasters in 2011 with losses of nearly $60 billion. With the number of natural disasters on the rise, residents nationwide are realizing that Mother Nature can cause havoc wherever. Thousands of citizens who never dreamed of weather-related conditions are now facing the threat of damage to their home and finances. If you are […]

9 October 2015 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized

What Is Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Missing?

Before the event of an incident, know your coverage and protection in your homeowners insurance policy. In the event of damage or loss, many people are surprised to find that certain items are excluded from coverage when filing a claim with their insurance. Ask your insurance agent if these (if any) are included in your homeowners insurance policy, and acquire the coverage if they are not. Business Activities: Typically, home insurance covers only minor losses such as damage or theft of home office equipment. Purchasing separate business insurance is the best […]