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8 October 2020 0 Comments Category: Health Insurance, Life Insurance

Three Steps to Cheaper Life Insurance

Life insurance is a coverage that so many of us benefit from, but it is often overlooked. It is a crucial policy to acquire if you have any financial dependents or desire to leave a legacy when you pass. While life insurance is vital to obtain, that doesn’t mean you need to spend more money than necessary on it. There are many ways to acquire coverage without breaking the bank. Take a look at these affordable ways to secure cheaper life insurance. 1. Only pay for what you need When […]
Halloween Safety Tips for Fun Trick-or-Treating

26 October 2016 0 Comments Category: Health Insurance, Uncategorized

Halloween Safety Tips for Fun Trick-or-Treating

Halloween is a great holiday that is best spent being safe to assure maximum candy collection and consumption.  Halloween is a time for everyone to dress up as their favorite hero or villain. For our kids, it’s a time to go out with their friends and family and go around the neighborhood trying to collect as much candy as possible before bedtime. As with all holidays, Halloween presents its set of risks that put our children in danger. Here are a few Halloween safety tips for fun trick-or-treating and assure […]

2 May 2016 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Health Insurance

Walking: The True Benefits

Walking sure has its benefits. Are you ready to reap them? Here is how you can get started and stay motivated! Walking is one of the things that humans do best. This may sound obvious and uninformative, but think of this: humanity spread throughout the entire globe in ways unseen by any other species. Venturing out of East Africa and into Asia and Europe, then crossing the ice bridge that once connected Russia and Alaska and permeating the Americas. We’re very good at walking, to say the least. But now […]
Flu Symptoms

19 February 2016 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized

Beat Sickness by Recognizing These Flu Symptoms

Stop the flu before it gets too serious by recognizing these symptoms. We certainly all agree that the flu is a hassle, but for some people it can become much more than that. The influenza virus – or flu – can aggravate preexisting health conditions and cause serious health issues like pneumonia and bronchitis. Fortunately, recognizing the flu early can help you get the treatment you need to nip your sickness in the bud this flu season. How do you know if you’re coming down with the influenza virus? Here […]

21 November 2014 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Rate Hikes for 2015 Health Insurance Coverage

Have you signed up for your 2015 health insurance yet? Open Enrollment started on November 15th and closes on February 15, 2015. If you do not sign up for health insurance throughout the Open Enrollment period you will not be able to sign up for health insurance, and can face heavy fines throughout the year. If you have signed up for health insurance, you may be surprised at the cost. Health insurance costs through Covered California will increase by an average of 4.2 percent in 2015. Even with this increase, 16 […]