Small Business Owners Should Know These Insurance Types

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Small Business Owners Should Know These Insurance Types

Do you have the proper coverage that your business needs? When you own a business, you have quite a lot to protect, and the right small business insurance coverage can be important for the continued success of your business. Even before you cut the ribbon to open the doors to your business, there are many risks which pose a threat and can potentially force you to shut the doors for good. Luckily, there are some coverage options when it comes to protecting your business. Here are three must-have insurance policies […]
Business Interruption Coverage 101: The Basics

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Business Interruption Coverage 101: The Basics

Business interruption coverage could mean the difference between staying afloat, or sinking. Consider the following scenario: the business next door that specializes in fire extinguishers catches fire, and the fire reaches into your own business. Firefighters manage to put the blaze out before it causes any serious damage to your building, but it’s clear that you won’t be able to utilize this space for a number of months. In addition, your merchandise and equipment has been damaged! Setting aside the irony of your neighbor’s situation, how will you replace your earnings […]
Employee Benefits & Business Insurance Pasadena CA

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Essential Employee Benefits

For all U.S. businesses, there are essential employee benefits that must be offered. If your company approaches employee benefits as purely optional additions to a salary package, the harsh reality is that several employee benefits are mandatory in the United States. Both legally required and optional benefits have legal and tax implications for the employers offering them, so be sure that you understand the full effects of your benefit choices before establishing them. Social Security Taxes As an employer of full-time employees, you are required to collect social security taxes […]
Employers & Workers Compensation Insurance

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Employers: Be Informed About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Helpful facts employers should know about their workers’ compensation insurance.   You likely already know that workers’ compensation insurance is required for employers in California. Do you know much more than that, though? Since you have to carry this type of coverage, we believe you deserve to know a bit about it. Here are some interesting facts about workers’ compensation insurance that all employers should know. Everybody needs it. All too often, people think the workers’ compensation requirements are only applicable to big business. Actually, though, if you have even one […]
Fleets & Business Insurance Pasadena CA

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Scaling Business Insurance With Your Growing Fleet

The Pasadena, CA business insurance your fleet needs as it increases. You thought maintaining your personal vehicle was expensive – until your started to keep up your business’s fleet. You need these vehicles for your business, so it’s worth the significant investment, but it’s important you protect the time, energy, and money you’re pouring into your growing fleet. So your business can properly scale its Pasadena, CA business insurance as its fleet grows, here are a few things to consider. Upping Your Coverage: As fleets grow, so do their exposures. You can protect […]
California Paid Sick Leave Act

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California Paid Sick Leave Act – What You Need To Know

Understanding The California Paid Sick Leave Act The California Paid Sick Leave Act was just passed and business owners throughout the state are now responsible for following new rules and regulations. The size of your business is not a factor, ensuring all employees receive the compensation they deserve through sick days. Gathered is all the must-know information about the new California Paid Sick Leave Act so that you can make sure you are properly protecting your employees: The California Paid Sick Leave Act guarantees that all California workers who work […]
Disasters & Business Insurance Pasadena CA

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Preparing Your Business (& Business Insurance) For Disasters

Is Your Business & Its Pasadena, CA Business Insurance Disaster Ready? Business owners know that there are a number of specific risks their industry faces. There are also general risks that all business—and all individuals—face in the form of disasters. Because disasters are not predictable, they pose a serious business risk. Fortunately, with a little disaster preparedness you can ensure in the face of a disaster, your Pasadena, CA business and insurance are ready. Write It Down: Whether you call it a disaster recovery plan, a business continuity plan, or something […]
Business Preparedness Plan Business Insurance

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Formulating & Maintaining Your Business Preparedness Plan

Disaster Preparedness 101 Business owners operating in California and across the country must think about ways to safeguard their biggest investment from the possibility of an emergency. Since we cannot predict the unforeseen, it is important that each business makes their own business preparedness plan. Keep these preparedness tips in mind: The first step is forming a committee that will be responsible for creating and maintaining your business preparedness plan. Be sure to identify any government or corporate regulations that may impact the business preparedness plan. When it comes to […]

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Do I Only Need To Get A Business Owners Policy?

New business owners wanting to get their operations started on the right path are taking the time to find out all the different types of insurance products available. A business owners policy (BOP) is a type of packaged coverage offering the most common types of insurance most businesses require for their operations. The great thing about BOP insurance is that a business owner can modify what type of coverage is included in the policy so they are not paying for things they don’t need, according to Forbes. Yet, should a […]