Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Insurance Claims

8 March 2018 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Home Insurance

Spring Cleaning Tips to Avoid Insurance Claims

Keep Costly Insurance Claims at Bay with Spring Cleaning Practices

Spring is almost here and that means that many of us are about to roll up our sleeves and start cleaning. With the warmer weather and brighter days, now is the perfect opportunity to deep clean our properties to ensure it is sparkling from the inside out. Not only does this help to improve the appearance of the home and help appliances run smoothly, but it can prevent home insurance in Glendale, CA claims. Here are a few projects you should add to your spring cleaning to do list.

Replace detector batteries

Although batteries last a while, you don’t want your fire or carbon monoxide detectors to fail when they are needed. Check their batteries and refresh if needed.

Inspect windows and doors

You don’t want leaks or bugs coming into your home or higher energy bills because of a gap in the window. Inspect the caulk around all your windows and doors. If it is dried up or looking worse for wear, replace immediately.

Clean out the dryer hose

Even though you may clean out the lint trap regularly, some lint can get past the trap and find its way into the hose. Be sure to clean out the dryer hose often, removing all lint. Dryer lint can warm up as the dryer runs, and a buildup increases the risk of fire.

Change the air filters

Replace the filters in your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. This can extend the life of your systems, maintain healthy air quality, and keep energy costs down.

Clean gutters and downspouts

Debris and dirt can build up in gutters, blocking downspouts and causing leaks in the house. Be sure to remove all of winter’s dirt and grime from the gutters to ensure water is directed away from your property successfully.

Fix tripping hazards

Walk around your property and look for any broken bricks, cracked sidewalks, and dead branches on pathways. Fix these issues now before someone trips and falls.

Lastly, remember to review your home insurance to ensure that you have adequate coverage to see you through the year! For help securing the right policy for your needs, contact Massive Insurance today.

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