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New Auto Technologies That Help Reduce Your Insurance Rates

More and more vehicles are coming out with new technologies that could help prevent accidents and save lives.  Due to the effectiveness of these technologies, fewer accidents are being reported and are therefore resulting in lower insurance rates.

What is a crash avoidance technology?                                                    

Crash avoidance features are designed to assist the driver in operating a vehicle safely using warnings and automatic braking when they sense the potential for a collision.

Crash avoidance technologies currently available.

  • Front crash prevention system – uses sensors, cameras, radar or light detection systems to warn the driver that he’s getting too close to the vehicle in front of him.  The system will issue a warning signal and if the driver doesn’t respond, it will activate the automatic braking feature.
  • Lane departure warning system – uses cameras to estimate the vehicle’s position in the lane and will alert the driver if the vehicle begins to move into another lane.  Some vehicles use a steering wheel or seat vibration as an alert, while others come with an audio or visual warning system.
  • Park assist and back up assist  system – uses cameras and sensors to alert the driver of any object behind the vehicle while backing up or parking.  And some vehicles are capable of using the parking assist feature to parallel park the vehicle.

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