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9 July 2020 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized

Make Sure Your Car is Prepared for Breakdown Season

Whether you are planning a road trip or are simply returning to work and going to be driving every day, it’s worth ensuring that your vehicle is up for the job. From reviewing your auto insurance in Glendale, CA to topping up the fluids, here are some most-know tips about preparing your vehicle for breakdown season.


Prepare Your Vehicle for Breakdown Season in Summer

Avoid a breakdown

Before traveling, ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Don’t be tempted to fall behind on repairs or maintenance, as this will only hurt your chances of breaking down – usually at the most inconvenient time!

  • Check the tires – Ensure that they are at the optimum pressure. The warm weather expands the air pressure, so be sure not to overinflate them, which could lead to a blowout. Visually inspect the tires for signs of excessive wear and cracks.
  • Check the engine oil and replace, if necessary.
  • Top up the fluid levels, including the coolant.
  • Test all interior and exterior lights to ensure they are working. Replace any dim or burned out bulbs.
  • Ensure you have enough gas to get to your destination.


Handling a breakdown

Sometimes, we do all we can to prevent a breakdown, and it happens anyway. Whether your vehicle overheated or you got a flat tire, here is how to handle it:

  • Pull to the side of the road in a safe space, if possible.
  • Put on your hazard lights to ensure other motorists can see you have stopped.
  • On very busy roads and freeways, get out of the passenger-side door for safety.
  • Call your roadside assistance provider who will come help replace a tire, provide fuel, or move your car to an auto shop for repairs.


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