How Insurers Determine Fault in an Auto Accident

22 March 2018 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

How Insurers Determine Fault in an Auto Accident

How to Tell Who is At Fault in a Car Accident 

In a car accident, everyone’s first instinct is to point fingers and immediately say the other person was at fault. It’s in these moments that everyone becomes an expert in the field of traffic law. In reality, laws are complex and many variables come into play when determining fault in a car accident. Whether or not you were at fault, your car insurance in Glendale, CA will need to step up to the plate to help cover you.

At the Scene of an Accident

When an accident has just happened, there may be some confusion and people may be quick to place blame. It’s important that you never admit or discuss fault at the scene of the accident. Taking photos of the damage and injuries, obtaining the names, and jotting down the contact information of witnesses will be helpful. If the police are called, ask for a copy of their report. It’s best to let your insurance company handle the situation from there.

How Insurance Companies Determine Fault

After an accident, the insurance companies involved will begin their investigation. They will consider the photos, reports, and statements to help come to a decision. Based on a set of rules, they will then determine who is at fault. In difficult situations, they may class the parties as at ‘partial fault’ instead of ‘no fault.’ However, in most cases, the person considered at fault will be the one who has performed an illegal, reckless, careless, or irresponsible action while driving their vehicle, thus causing an accident.

Drivers who are considered at fault will often experience increased insurance premiums, especially if there was considerable damage to other vehicles and property.

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