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16 April 2020 Category: Article Archives

How Your Start Up Can Create a Culture of Learning

Prepare your business for growth by creating a culture of learning.


Often, learning is neglected in favor of productivity at start-ups. While it may be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day process of getting things done in the early days, creating a culture of learning is vital to the long-term success of your start-up. Here are just a few ways on how you can get started.


Embrace mistakes

Everyone and every business are prone to mistakes. The road to success is never possible without it. Your leadership team should accept and even encourage mistakes as a necessary step on the path to perfection. It’s important that you don’t shame employees for making mistakes as this tends to be counterproductive.


Celebrate growth

Acknowledging and celebrating achievements is a part of building a happy, effective, and motivated staff. But while it’s important for your start-up to celebrate outcomes and results, it’s equally important to recognize growth and improvement.


Offer different paths for learning

Everyone learns in their own way. Diversity is part of what makes your business thrive. While some employees may excel with hands-on learning experiences, others may prefer to learn on their commute through podcasts or videos. Understand what helps people learn and create different learning opportunities for them.


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