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How Traffic Violations Affect Your Coverage

 Insurance rates are not set in stone by a specific company.  Your driving history has a lot to do with how much you pay for auto insurance. 

What kinds of violations affect my rates?

Not all providers handle violations the same way, but most usually look at moving violations when raising rates. Less risky violations like parking tickets are less likely to warrant an increase. 

Why do moving violations affect my rates?

 The better your history, the less of a risk you are. Those with riskier histories will end up paying more. 

How can I reduce my coverage?

  • Drive Safely

Changing your driving habits will guarantee your rates will lower.  A lot of insurance companies offer safe driving rewards along with lower rates to safe drivers. 

  • Educate Yourself

Depending on where you live and your insurance company, you can take driving courses in order to remove points from your driving record. This has potential to help you save money.

  • Shop Around

Visit with different insurance companies and see how they rate your driving based on your record. Different companies have different approaches, so it’s always smart to see what’s out there. If you live in California, contact Massive Insurance today! 


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