18 June 2014 Category: Article Archives

How To Prevent Breakdowns With Timely Summer Car Maintenance

With temperatures rising across California as summer rolls in, the stress on your car goes up with the heat. Take the time now to service your car to avoid issues farther down the road.

Change The Coolant

Like all fluids in the engine, coolant breaks down over time. Get your reservoir flushed and refilled with few pints of fresh liquid to prevent overheating during a heat wave.

New Filters

In the summer, the air filter is likely to clog with dust and pollen. It’s also needed for cooling the engine during a hot drive. Swap it out and check it again at the end of the summer.

Check The Tires

Worn tread and bulging sidewalls indicate you need new tires. With bulges and scuffs, the pressure created by the hot asphalt makes a damaged tire more likely to blow at high speeds. This sends you careening off of the road.

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