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19 November 2020 Category: Article Archives

How to Find Joy in Your Everyday Life

It’s been a tough year for all of us to say the least. Although it can feel daunting and impossible to feel pure joy again, there are always ways to get close to joy on a daily basis. Lots of people confuse joy with happiness. Although they are closely related, these feel-good emotions aren’t synonymous. Happiness is in an emotion that brings bursts of intense pleasure, while joyfulness is a stronger, longer-lasting state that results in inner peace and contentment.


If you’re looking for true ways to find more joy in your everyday life and truly turn 2020 around, take a look at these ways to get started.


Look for meaning

While the events of 2020 sure make it hard, think about what you can and have learned from tough circumstances. If you’re having a difficult time with the global pandemic, try to find something meaningful about it. Perhaps you’ve realized you don’t want to go back to an office five days a week or you like spending more time with your family. Understanding what quarantine has taught you can make the harder days more worthwhile.


Count the small details

If you’re currently unhappy in your job, lack of a job, residence, or otherwise, it can see, hard to look past the big picture and find joy. However, you can find joy in even the smallest of details. Narrow it down hour-to-hour. Little moments will build up to create joy. Capture these joyful moments and hold onto them.


Step outside your comfort zone

Does every day feel like more of the same? You may need something that excites you. Work towards something that requires you to set outside of your comfort zone, whether it’s attending a new workout class, signing up for a marathon, or taking an educational course. This will not only bring you enhanced joy on a frequent basis, but upon succeeding your goal, you will experience joy and the memory of the joy.


Be present

We are usually preoccupied with the past and concerned about the future – but neither mindset can bring you joy. Finding joy can only truly exist in the now. If you can learn to exist in the now, then you will free yourself from pain connected to the past or future.



Doing something for someone else can give us a huge sense of elation. Especially around the holidays, charities can always benefit from an extra pair of hands. Whether you help out at a nursing home, animal shelter, or food bank, there are plenty of ways to get involved in helping your local community.


Reconnect with nature

Getting outside is crucial to finding joy. It’s well-documented that those who walk through a natural setting have less anxiety and negative effects of stress than those who walk through a city setting. When you next get a chance, stroll through your local park to reconnect with nature, and start feeling more joyful.


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