28 February 2014 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

General Liability Insurance: A Business Necessity

A business doesn’t have to be in an accident-prone industry for accidents to happen, and when accidents happen on a business’s property, or while someone is acting on behalf of a business, the business is liable for any expenses that accrue. General liability insurance protects a company in the event of these business-related accidents.

Typical expenses covered by general liability insurance include:

  • Medical expenses in the event of on-site accidents involving employees or visitors, or off-property accidents involving employees, that result in injury
  • Property damage that occurs on-site or is caused by employees off-site, including damage caused by business equipment or fire damage to rental properties
  • Legal expenses, including lawyers’ fees and settlements, needed in defense against lawsuits of any kind

Liability insurance takes only a small chunk of a business’s monthly budget, and provides a substantial amount of protection in return. For low thousands a year, a business gets millions of dollars of coverage.

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