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Farm Insurance: the Right Coverage for you

If you are a farm owner, chances are you’ve already considered the most basic coverage that you will need to ensure that you are insured in case of incident.  But this basic coverage, in many cases, simply won’t be enough to cover every possible issue that might arise during a given year.

In order to properly assess your coverage, you first need to understand the risks and liabilities inherent in your business.  What kind of farming do you do?  Do you work with livestock?  Agritourism?  Food products?  What assets do you have on the farm that you will need to consider protecting?

Additionally, how many workers do you host on your farm and have you considered the proper amount of worker’s compensation?  Farming can be a high-risk industry due to its high concentration of physical activity; you want to make absolutely certain that your policy fits your operation.

The best way to determine what is right for you is to speak with an insurance professional.  For more information about farm coverage or property insurance in California, contact Massive Insurance

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