26 May 2014 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Even New Business Owners Need To Have Insurance Coverage

As a new business owner, you’ve put everything in place to open your business and to offer exceptional service to your customers. And while it’s thrilling to look forward to each new day in anticipation of living out your dream, you also realize it’s wise to remain hopeful for the best, but to prepare for the unexpected.

Unfortunate incidents can happen quickly, and they can catch you totally off-guard. For instance, an employee can become injured on the job or one of your company vehicles can suddenly be involved in a serious accident. A product you offer could malfunction, causing injury to a customer. The list of possible challenges could go on and on, but the point is–your business has a much better chance of recovering when you are properly insured… on Day One.

At Massive Insurance, experienced insurance professionals are on hand to help business owners in and around Pasadena, California with their insurance needs. Massive Insurance offers a wide range of business insurance policies, including Worker’s Compensation, Liability Insurance, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto and Business Owner’s Policies (commonly referred to as ‘BOP’).

If you need a business owner’s policy, the agents at Massive Insurance will be happy to perform a thorough analysis of your needs and to locate quality insurance products from top carriers to get you the right amount of coverage right away. For an analysis or a no-obligation quote, contact Massive Insurance today!



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