How to Engage Employees of the Digital Age

23 March 2017 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Business Insurance

How to Engage Employees of the Digital Age

The digital age has presented many benefits to humanity, but there have been some drawbacks: how are we to engage employees of the digital age?

Growing a company and engaging employees is a lot easier said than done–especially now, in the digital era. But even now, when everyone’s pocket is filled with a computer more powerful than the one that was sent on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, employee engagement is as important to the growth of a company as it was fifty years ago. Engaged employees who are excited about coming into work and passionate and invested, increase productivity and efficiency of your business. Without employee engagement, and business insurance in Glendale, your business cannot execute its business strategy and your business will fail. This is because disengaged employees do not go above and beyond the call of duty to improve their business. They work for a paycheck and that’s it. If you want to engage your employees of the digital age, here are a few tips on how you can do just that.

  1. Serving a Purpose
    When a grasshopper jumps, does it know where it’s going to land? These types of existential questions, while fun to ponder, can be detrimental to employee engagement. Employees need to know their purpose in the office, and the direction of their department. Being stuck in limbo evokes a sense of unimportance, lostness, which can easily turn employees away.
  2. Create a Culture
    Your business needs a culture into which your employees buy. A culture reinforces the company’s values, which become embedded into the employee’s psyche. Employees that don’t mesh with that culture can feel like a splinter to everyone else. Employees that buy into the culture will be more productive as they feel more important as a member of a collective.
  3. Face-to-Face Communication
    Paradoxically, the more technology advances, the more complex our behavior and business models become. And while technology can make things easier, at the end of the day, it’s about human-to-human contact. If you are not engaging your employees, it doesn’t matter what technology you possess. We might be in the digital age, but without the essence of humanity, and business insurance in Glendale, your employees will surely seek refuge elsewhere.

Employee engagement is important, but means little without the proper insurance to keep your business afloat. When looking for the right business insurance in Glendale, CA to meet the needs of your unique type of product or service, contact the independent insurance professionals at Massive Insurance.

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