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19 December 2016 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

Driving Apps to Help Keep Your Teen Safe

As your teenagers get older, they are introduced to new freedoms. However, they must also accept the responsibilities that come with these new found freedoms.

Technology has progressed faster than anyone could have imagined in just the past twenty years alone. Most teenagers now carry a personal computer in their pockets (smartphone), and while phones could be a lethal distraction while they drive, they may also be used to protect your child from those very dangers. Many parents may not be aware of the many apps that are out there to protect their children behind the wheel. You can’t always be with your teen when they are driving (and they don’t want you to), but with these apps, you are never too far away. While trust is an important part of any parent-child relationship, these apps will help ease your paranoia and should be used–at least until you feel safe about their driving pattern.

Here are the best apps to help your teen stay safe while they drive.


(Android and iPhone)

Price: Free for the first seven days, then a $14.99 one-time fee for a lifetime subscription.

Function: This app notifies parents of unsafe driving practices. Parents receive real-time notifications if your child is engaging in risky behavior, like speeding past a pre-set maximum, texting or talking, or staying out past curfew. It’s important to note that this app drains battery, which could make your teen incommunicable if their battery runs out.

Drive Smart

(Android and iPhone)

Price: Free for the basic version, Premium version is $4.99/month

Function: The app is meant to prevent unsafe actions while your teen drives. While the app is turned on, incoming calls are sent to voicemail, and all incoming texts are both muted and sent an automated response. The premium version of the app can detect when they are in their car and automatically activates the app. Drivers can override the drive mode, but parents will be notified when this occurs.

Teen drivers love their new freedom and must accept the responsibility that comes with these new privileges. It’s important to remember that teens are going through physical changes and their bodies are being bombarded with hormones. Some level of trust must be given in order to have a good relationship with your son or daughter. If you have any questions regarding auto insurance in Pasadena, CA, contact Massive Insurance. Our team is dedicated to getting you the best coverage at the best price.