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15 June 2015 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Preparing Your Business (& Business Insurance) For Disasters

Is Your Business & Its Pasadena, CA Business Insurance Disaster Ready?

Business owners know that there are a number of specific risks their industry faces. There are also general risks that all business—and all individuals—face in the form of disasters. Because disasters are not predictable, they pose a serious business risk.

Fortunately, with a little disaster preparedness you can ensure in the face of a disaster, your Pasadena, CA business and insurance are ready.

  • Write It Down: Whether you call it a disaster recovery plan, a business continuity plan, or something else, you should write out how your business will respond to a disaster. This document should include plans for temporarily relocating your business should you need to do so and protecting any sensitive information your company has stored.
  • Train Your Team: Ensure that your entire staff is briefed on what to do in the face of a disaster. By holding drills, you can help improve the responsiveness of your team and ensure they are able to react quickly and correctly in the face of a disaster.
  • Gather Some Supplies: So your business can be prepared to face a fast-coming disaster, keep emergency supplies on hand. This should include a first aid kit, lots of water, flashlights, a radio, extra batteries, and nonperishable food. Also, if it is possible, store a generator.
  • Have A Back Up: Make sure that all information that is critical to your business is duplicated and stored off-site, either in the cloud or at another location. Store your business inventory in the same way to ensure you have access to it should the need arise.

Is your business prepared to face the disasters we are likely to experience in Pasadena? To get the business insurance you need in our area, contact Massive Insurance. We are here to maximize the value of the money you are investing into your California coverage. So you can be prepared for any disaster, call us today!