Common Car Seat Mistakes Parents Make

13 September 2018 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

Common Car Seat Mistakes Parents Make

Car Seat Errors to Avoid

A new baby can be so exciting – and stressful! As a parent, you have a lot to learn about yourself and your growing child. Informing yourself on safety procedures, such as common car seat mistakes can save you a lot of stress, headache, and even your baby’s life. Since September is National Baby Safety Month, we’ve rounded up a few common errors that parents make when traveling with their child.

  • Not securing the car seat

When you’re installing a car seat, be sure to secure the seat belt into the car seat hooks properly. Unfortunately, lazy attachment is one of the most common car seat mistakes that can be deadly depending on the situation – and entirely preventable. Common mistakes include forgetting to use a tether (for front-facing seats), not putting the seat belts in lock mode, and not putting weight on the seat as it is being installed. Be aware that proper installation of a car seat can take up to 15 minutes! Read your car seat’s instructions thoroughly before installation to avoid rushing over any mishaps.

  • Choosing the wrong seat for your child

The type of car seat you need depends on your child’s height, age, and weight. Although it can be frustrating to find the right one, especially when they grow so quickly, your child’s safety is on the line so take time to research what is best for your baby. Avoid buying a second-hand car seat as parts and the original instructions may be missing. What’s more, you may not know if the car seat has been in a crash before.

  • Not traveling with a car seat

Even if you’re just heading down the road for a few minutes or popping out to the shops, securing your child in a car seat is important. Rather than run the dangerous risk, ensure that you strap your child into their car seat before every journey and travel with a car seat, even when you fly on planes and rely on rental cars.

Don’t fall victim to these common mistakes, and set a good example for your child by always wearing your seatbelt. Safe driving habits and quality auto insurance will help to keep your journey safe. For all your auto insurance needs, contact the professionals at Massive Insurance today!