The Car Buying Guide for First-Time New Car Buyers

13 April 2017 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Auto Insurance

The Car Buying Guide for First-Time New Car Buyers

Buying a new car is a process that takes time and effort, so it is best that you know a few things about buying a new car before you sign the dotted line and pay way more than you have to. 

If you are going to buy a new car for the very first time, it is important that you know what you are doing. Buying a new car can be a battle, but if you know what you are heading into, it’s a battle that you can win. Here is the car buying guide for first-time new car buyers.

  1. Choose Your Car
    When finding the right car, you have to take your finances into serious consideration. Having a really nice car may impress your neighbors, but is it worth struggling to make ends meet every paycheck? Know how much car you can comfortably afford and pick out one that you like.
  2. Pricing Information
    When it comes to pricing a new car, there are three prices between which you need to know the difference.
    ∆ Sticker Price – This is known as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. It’s the amount of money that the dealer wants you to pay for the car–never pay sticker price for any car.
    ∆ Invoice Price – This is what the dealer paid the manufacturer for the car.
    ∆ True Market Value – This is the price at which you can and should get your car.
  3. Finance Your Car
    When buying a new car, most people put a down payment and then make monthly payments for a few years until they pay it off. For the average sedan, people put a down payment of $4,104 on a five-year loan.
  4. Test-Drive the Car
    Test-driving the car is an important step for buying any car. Before you sign and drive off the lot, you have to make sure that the car you want is actually the car you want. When you test-drive your car you get the sense of how it feels. If it does not feel comfortable, you are better off picking a new car rather than being uncomfortable for the duration of your contract.
  5. Close the Deal
    Stand firm with your total offer and make sure the dealer meets your offer. If not, you can always go to another dealership.

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