7 July 2014 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Business Insurance 101

Before you set out on your venture to achieve the American dream, you need to purchase an insurance policy for your small business. You are required by law to purchase business insurance and workers compensation. However there a few other policies that may be of interest to you that you are not familiar with:

  • Business Auto Coverage- If your business utilizes vehicles, those vehicles won’t be covered under your personal policy.
  • Cyber liability insurance- Your business’ data can easily be destroyed or compromised by hackers. By purchasing a cyber liability insurance policy, you can protect the most important asset of your business, and your consumers’ privacy.
  • Business Umbrella Coverage- An umbrella policy can come in handy if you need more coverage than your basic policy allows for.

Make sure you look into all of these different forms of coverage, to make sure you are getting the protection you need. When you meet with your insurance agent, be honest with them about your business’ finances to make sure they can find a policy that is right for you. If you would like to purchase a business insurance policy, contact Massive Insurance, located in California!