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8 April 2015 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Boating Season Is Finally Here! Let’s Get Ready!

Helpful Tips For Taking Your Boat Out Of Storage

As boating season quickly approaches, it is time to take your favorite ride out of storage and get ready for the most exciting time of the year! While you may assume that your boat is not in need of attention since it has been sitting safely in storage all winter long, our boats require a sufficient amount of tender love and care in order to prevail season after season. Keep these helpful tips for taking your boat out of storage in mind for a swift transition into boating season:

  • Start by giving your favorite ride a good cleaning. This means polishing all bright work, cleaning the grease from winches, lubricating anchor windlass, and cleaning all canvas. You should also take a moment to inspect and test trim tabs, hoses, and lamps.
  • To de-winterize your beautiful boat’s engine, you will want to first install fresh spark plugs. It is also important to check all fluid levels and refill as necessary. Be sure to reconnect all fuel lights and replace any hose clamps that have experienced substantial wear and tear.
  • Before dropping your boat in the water, you will want to be confident in its battery. Be sure to charge your battery and conduct a test to ensure it can hold a charge.
  • Inspect all cables and belts. If you notice any black residue near the pulleys, there may be a loose or worn belt in need of replacement. Any visible swelling or cracks on control cables must be handled immediately and cannot be overlooked.
  • Most importantly, do not overlook the safety equipment you have on board. Check all life jackets to ensure all clasps and bangs are ready to perform their life saving duties. Also, be sure to make sure your first aid kit is stocked, and you have a working fire extinguisher and flares on board.

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