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24 October 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Home Insurance

Is Your Home Ready for Halloween? Prepare with These Tips

Avoid tricks this Halloween by preparing your home beforehand.  Halloween is almost here, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to start getting ready as soon as possible. While you may think that this means planning costumes and getting the candy ready, it’s also important to remember to prepare your home. Whether you’re hosting a costume party or waiting for trick-or-treaters to come knocking, take a look at these Halloween safety tips. Decorating your yard before Halloween Be aware of tripping hazards. Avoid placing any decorations in the middle […]
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10 October 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Life Insurance

What to Look for in a Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance policy considerations. If you’re an adult with a house, a spouse, kids, and other financial liabilities, hopefully, you have life insurance already. If not, it’s important that you start looking for coverage. Life insurance protects your family when you’re no longer able to do so, and is a truly selfless policy. Although some coverage is better than nothing, it’s better for your family to ensure that you secure a reliable policy that addresses your needs. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a policy. Affordability […]
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19 September 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Life Insurance

Why People Put Off Buying Life Insurance (and Why They Shouldn’t!)

Common reasons why people avoid purchasing life insurance. Many people put off purchasing life insurance for a variety of different reasons. The excuses that come up are usually the same. Today, we’re going to look at a few reasons why people put off buying life insurance and why they shouldn’t! People don’t fully understand the importance of life insurance. This is the most common reasons. It has nothing to do with cost, health or the family situation. A majority of people simply don’t understand the benefits of acquiring life insurance. […]
3 Strategies to Deal with Stress at Work

12 September 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Business Insurance

3 Strategies to Deal with Stress at Work

Tackle stress in the workplace with these tips. Everyone who has ever held a job has, at some point, felt the pressure work-related stress. While a little stress on the job often gives us the push we need to get things done quickly, a lot of pressure can be harmful to our physical and mental health. When work stress becomes chronic, it can be overwhelming. Here are some strategies to tackle it. De-Stress Your Body In modern life, we spend far more time engaging our body’s stress responses than we […]
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22 August 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Off-topic

Smart Home Devices for a Happy and Healthy Pet

Keep your pet safe and happy with these devices. As pet owners, we all face that pang of guilt when leaving the house to go to work, school, run errands, or on vacation. Your pet is home alone and will likely get bored throughout the day. Until recently, there was no way to periodically check-in or confirm your pet’s safety throughout the day. Here are some top tech devices that allow pet owners the comfort of keeping an eye on their four-legged friend. Cameras Many families now install pet-specific cameras […]
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8 August 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Off-topic

Tips to Achieve Tech-Life Balance

Unplug from your devices to achieve a better life balance. Most of us are glued to our smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and computers for the majority of the day. In a world where we’re more connected than ever before, it is often necessary to disconnect to recharge our own batteries. Technology has a way of allowing us to stay connected with everyone and make day-to-day life easy, but it can also lead us to miss out on being in the present for moments that matter. To improve your tech-life balance, here […]
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25 July 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Life Insurance

Tips to Prepare for a Life Insurance Medical Exam

Preparing to pass the life insurance medical exam. When you buy life insurance, one step in the process is usually to get a medical exam. The exam results help underwriters at the life insurance company to determine their risk when they insure you. In turn, your risk determines how much you end up paying for coverage. To help you produce the best medical exam results, here is how to prepare. Schedule your life insurance exam for early in the morning. Even a piece of fruit can affect your blood pressure […]
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11 July 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

How to Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses

Stay cool this summer.   The summer is here and that means temperatures are rising. Although this creates the perfect opportunity to get out in the sun and enjoy time with the family, it’s important to remember that the risk of heat-related illness remains very real. Even on mildly warm days, people can become ill from heat exhaustion. Keep yourself and your family safe this season by preventing heat-related illness. Stay Cool Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing Stay in an air-conditioned place as much as possible to keep your body […]
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20 June 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives, Life Insurance

Costly Life Insurance Traps to Avoid

Avoid making these expensive life insurance traps. Life insurance is a necessity for many people. However, thinking about one’s death isn’t always an idea that people will entertain for very long, which is why many rush through purchasing coverage and can end up with the right policy. To ensure that you leave your family with a quality life insurance policy, take a look at how to avoid these costly life insurance traps. #1: Choosing the first quote you receive It’s common for people to make the mistake of simply going […]
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13 June 2019 0 Comments Category: Article Archives

Extra Costs Associated With New Car Buying

Remember to account for these costs when purchasing a new vehicle. Buying a new car can be an experience. A car means freedom, independence, and a reliable form of transportation. But before you splash out on a new vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind that there are some extra costs that you will need to address. Today, we’re sharing a few common hidden costs that come with buying a new vehicle. State and local taxes When buying a car, you will negotiate a total price. In reality, you will […]