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20 May 2021 Category: Article Archives

Biohacking Tips to Build Productivity

Biohacking may sound strange but is simply about making changes to your external and internal environment so that you’re in control of your own biology. If you’re struggling to maintain your productivity, try these biohacking tips.

Consider Meditation

Meditation is an important biohacking practice. It helps to get our minds to a point of absolute focus on the things we consider worth our focus, which in turn boosts our productivity. People often have difficulty getting their minds into a meditative state. Thankfully, there are many apps available that can help ease your way into meditation. Even once you have experience, these apps can help you continue to practice it until it becomes a habit.

Start Your Day with Self-Massage

 This is another powerful biohacking tool. You can self-massage your back and shoulder areas to relieve you of pains from the previous day’s work. Going about your day with the previous day’s ache would reduce your productivity. So start your day with a brief self-massage. You can also get a backmate, which is a device that massages your muscles to relieve you of pain.

Go Barefoot

Science confirms the power of grounding. Simply put, go barefoot sometimes during the day. What you’re trying to do is to feel the earth’s energy. Do this for about 20-30 minutes to optimize the advantage of earthing or grounding, which is said to improve immune responses and protect against inflammation. If you can’t walk barefoot, you can get a grounding mat or grounding footwear. Prolonged periods of standing or working on these mats can help provide some of the benefits.

Use a Stand-Up Desk

Using a stand-up desk is simply about the practice of standing periodically between work hours, given that the standard office desk and chair positions often lead to poor ergonomics. Standing in between work hours helps to sustain and boost your energy for work. Practicing this properly can sustain your motivation to work and get rid of unnecessary aches from poor ergonomics.

Use Circadian-Centered Lighting

By employing Circadian-centered lighting, you can adjust your productivity periods and determine when your body needs rest for the day, meaning the time when you begin to feel drowsy/sleepy. Light therapy is how we make the change to our circadian rhythm. Using this light for twenty minutes after you wake up can help you regulate your sleep patterns to a consistent daily routine.


Biohacks are powerful ways of structuring our world internally and externally. To get some peace of mind, contact our experts at Massive Insurance today to learn more about what insurance we can offer you so you can focus more effectively on your work.