Baby Boomers & Home Insurance Pasadena CA

2 December 2015 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized

Baby Boomers Home Upgrades Need Updated Insurance

Home upgrades bring the necessity to update Pasadena, CA home insurance.

The baby boomers are experiencing physical changes and hindrances associated with aging, such as loss of balance and aching joints. Some of these changes may require modification to the home like filling in a sunken living room to eliminate the steps down, adding a special shower door, or even adding a residential elevator. These changes may, or may not, alter the valuable of the home itself.

Renovation Impact

As home insurance should cover the total cost of rebuilding the home should a peril occur, if the home were to increase in value, the insurance must too. Baby boomers homeowners should be aware of these changes and implications of their home upgrades.

Simple changes, such as adding handrails in the shower, will not affect your home’s value and won’t require additional home insurance. However, should you decide to add in a substantial investment into the home, such as an elevator or a hot tub, the value will increase.

The most popular and costly updates include:

  • Filling in a sunken living room
  • Widening doorways to fit walkers and wheelchairs
  • Installing a residential elevator
  • Changing shower doors and installing handrails

In addition to your home’s value, you should be aware that changes may result in the need of higher liability insurance. For example, a hot tub will ease your aching joints but will increase your liability risk as people may fall in and get injured.

Encompassing Coverage

Luckily, finding home insurance coverage to suit your current and future home is one step away. Massive Insurance works with your needs, home, and budget to select you the best policy in Pasadena, California. Contact us today for a quote!

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